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commodity-backed, hybrid utility token

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We are selling up to $5,000,000 in crwdunits at a price of $0.01 per token to: (1) expand blockchain and our commercial and capital investment platform, (2) market crwdunit and our blockchain ecosystems to target investors globally, and (3) provide working capital. Our Company ensures asset-backed utility to the crwdworld blockchain ecosystem that includes a portfolio of product offerings. The minimum purchase amount is $250. The Offering will terminate on August 31st, 2023. We are giving the first 500 investors in the offering (subject to the $5,000,000 limit) the right to receive additional crwdunits, equal to 500% of the number of crwdunits correlated with their respective investment amount. For example, if a purchaser invests $5,000 and is one of the first 500 purchasers (subject to the $5,000,000 limit), then that purchaser would be entitled to the rights to receive 500,000 crwdunits, plus a bonus of 2,500,000 (500%) for a total of 3,000,000 crwdunits.


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$0.01 per token

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August 31st, 2023

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It's not crypto. It's crwdunits.

crwdunits are a brand new asset for Web3. Simple, safe, and convenient — easier to use than crypto.
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The idea behind crwdunits is to create new opportunities for investors, businesses, and consumers alike. We aim to earn the trust of all crwdunits holders by providing a transparent financial system built on honesty and fairness. Above all else, we're focused on what matters most—you. 
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The Form C is an offering statement filed by businesses looking to raise capital from accredited and non-accredited investors through online crowdfunding without all of the responsibilities that come with registering the offer and sale of securities with the SEC.

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What are the investment limits for Regulation CF filings?

For non-accredited Investors (most fall into this category) the limitation on how much you can invest depends on your net worth and annual income.

If either your annual income or your net worth is less than $107,000, then during any 12-month period, you can invest up to the greater of either $2,200 or 5% of the greater of your annual income or net worth.

If both your annual income and your net worth are equal to or more than $107,000, then during any 12-month period, you can invest up to 10% of annual income or net worth, whichever is greater, but not to exceed $107,000.

How does the online investment process work for this Regulation CF opportunity?

After you review the offering statement and information and decide you would like to invest and how much, you complete the application with the requested information and electronically sign the documentation.

The Broker-Dealer, reviews the information for AML/KYC (Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer) compliance as this is an SEC-regulated offering.

If you pass the review, the Broker-Dealer initiates the funds via ACH or Credit Card (or you send the wire or check if applicable). If you do not pass the review, the Broker-Dealer or the Issuer will reach out to you to update information to clear you for the reviews or otherwise.

Once the funds have been cleared by the escrow agent (funds go directly there), the Broker-Dealer will match your funds with your cleared application for investment, and issue you the tokens by validating the subscription agreement and notifying the Transfer Agent to record your ownership on the Issuers capitalization table.

Why do I have to disclose my personal information?

As you are buying a security regulated by the SEC, and as a Broker-Dealer we are required by SEC regulations to reasonably ensure Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer reviews are satisfied and that Permitted Investor Limits are not breached, we collect this information to perform the required reviews.

The Broker-Dealer may share certain details of an applying/completed investor as listed on the subscription agreement, with the Transfer Agent and Escrow Agent if requested for valid purposes of processing an investment application.

Where can I learn more about the investment process?

Any questions about the application, how to navigate it, what is the process, etc., should be directed to the Broker-Dealer using the contact information provided below of this investment website.

Questions? Click the chat icon to connect with us.

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As the most trusted name in blockchain technology, CrowdPoint gives you the freedom to choose the way you live, build, and invest in your future. We create personalized, innovative products to help people and business thrive in the new Web3 economy.

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